“Thrill of Victory or Agony of Defeat”

What does “FIRE” mean to you, and how has it applied to your life? 

When we think of The Fire most times we think of heat, flames, injury. What about the burning, yes, some of us know about the burn. 

Those of us who get burned by  the “FIRE” inappropriately or by accident, I want to speak to you, ask yourself  if the message behind The Fire was misunderstood/ or not applied properly from the beginning?  Was its purpose missed ?Yes/No. The Fire can be used for our comfort in the beginning, but if left unsupervised, and uncontrolled it can become extremely harmful, dangerous and deadly. 

The Fire can be your biggest fear or it can be your biggest strength hiding behind you. Who are you and how do you define The Fire’s within you? 

Now there may be others who may approach the “FIRE” differently. Consciously, respectfully and mindful of its power! The Fire can be used as a tool for greatness, but always approached with caution. When utilized and viewed from this new view or perspective, it now changes its state from a fiery enemy to now a blazing friend. A tool to open up and bring out the new in you.

-Pastor Ashley